Friday, August 23, 2013

♂ Getting to the Root of It ♀

from the photographer and Papa, Agustin White:

We didn't live in some crazy nudist commune.  We lived in a tiny
conscious community setting where participants were comfortable with
their own bodies.  Where nudity wasn't immediately associated with overt
sexual behavior and lust.  Naked babies freely crawled around on grass. 
Both men and women practiced yoga, with and without clothing.  Thousands 

of photos were taken.  We live in the day and age of
hyper-documentation!  I could have taken this same picture countless
other times, during countless other yoga poses.  Babies crawl around,
and when they see an opportune moment to drink from the breast, they
usually take advantage of this.  No matter if the breast is upside down
or right-side up!

Instagram censoring Daughter of Sun's images is a joke to me.  How any
of her images could be considered pornographic is beyond me.  When a
breastfeeding woman becomes the target of corporate censorship, we know
something is wrong.  Hopefully this creates a healthy dialogue and helps
to start opening peoples' eyes to how disconnected from mother nature we
have become.

The way I see it, this is simply a controversy about how comfortable one
is with his or her own human body.  Unfortunately, most of us in
modernized cultures have been indoctrinated to to believe that all
nudity is somehow bad, that even little babies should be covered up in a
public places and even in nature.  We fear the worst, and because of
this suppression, it has actually helped create and feed so many of the
true perverts of the world.  

If we are encouraged to repress our own bodies and think of them as
unworthy to be naked in the sunlight and other earth elements, it
creates a pathology.  It's that simple.  That which is taboo begins to
express itself in an unbalanced fashion.  The obsession with virtual
pornography is a perfect indicator of where we're at with sex, and
particularly how we view the female body.  

Meanwhile sex is what drives so much of our media and consumerism in
general, which is inherently designed to feed off of this pathological
paradox.  We live in an American culture that is for the most part so up
tight and out of touch with the earth, (the very planet that we live
on!) that even our own bodies have become tarnished in our collective
psyche, and for the most part remain unexplored and uncelebrated; at
least in a healthy context.  

The good news for me is that I have no doubt all of this will change,
just as we see now how so many people across the earth are awakening to
the reality of the ecological crisis we are facing.  This new level of
awareness is already permeating all aspects of our culture, as we
finally begin to emerge from the dark age.  

Looking at this issue from a planetary level, one thing I'm not worried
about is destroying the earth.  I think we should be more concerned with
destroying ourselves and our immediate neighbors in the biosphere.  The
planet will continue to live on and evolve whether we participate or
not.  I think most of us would prefer to be along for the ride though,
and I believe we still have a say in this matter!  Can we evolve our way
of life so it is in tune and in real harmony with Mother Earth?  Even
though so many people continue to live as if they could care less, I'm
pretty positive that deep down in our DNA, we just want to be living a
life of true harmony with our home planet.  I suppose when we are
collectively more in tune with our own planet, it will be much easier to
handle a naked body relaxing in nature!

and a message from the Mama:

I am aware of Instagram's policies regarding inappropriate photos, and have been flagged only twice in the past two years. The first time was last year for the yoga breast-feeding photo, and the second time was several months ago. I don't know which photo they removed as they didn't specify in their notification. Around this time I removed any images I thought might be considered inappropriate. It seems that due to the recent press attention surrounding the yoga breastfeeding photo, many people were being directed to my Instagram account who normally wouldn't be following me, and flagged images they were uncomfortable with. Before Instagram removed my account on Thursday, there no were photos I believed to be at risk. I am dismayed that Instagram failed to send out a warning before closing my account. I have done no harm to anyone. I've simply created a place of sharing and inspiration for people on the same path as my family.  

My community on Instagram holds a very dear place in my heart and I am beyond grateful for the support and outpour of love that has come through. If my Instagram account is not reinstated, then so be it! I will continue to create and share more beauty whether on Instagram or beyond! Let's not attach ourselves to the imagery but LIVE the actual message! Much of the Instagram community has come together to help spread the love. If you feel called to reach out you can hashtag #savedaughterofthesun on Instagram.  

Thank you Instagram.
I love you, 
I'm sorry, 
Please forgive me.  

xo Daughter of the Sun

artwork by:

A L O H A!


thejadeleaf said...

You go girl. Sending strength and love x

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...
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Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

As Papa so succinctly put it, our culture is really messed up if this is pornographic. I love yoga, babies, my body and naturalism. You are an inspiration to me and I suspect many others too. Remain in the light; allow us to join you there.

Sending love, light and peace into our world and hoping to see it reflected all across the globe.

(I deleted my previous comment for typos and reposted it-edited.)

⟁ Prism Of Threads ⟁ said...
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⟁ Prism Of Threads ⟁ said...

Stephen and I send our unconditional love and support! Thank you for finding the courage to speak from the heart about such a personal experience. Love you! Xx

Marie said...

Your photo is beautiful! Hopefully more people will be accepting of breastfeeding as it's one of the most beautiful form of bonding ever. Sending love to you & your family. ♥

Maria Luisa said...

I've just discovered your amazing blog. Thank you for sharing all this powerfull light. Your life style inspire me even if I don't know if I could be ready to leave in this way now. I love yoga, meditation and I'm vegetarian but I live in a big city and often there is a big gap between me and mother nature I think....
Thank you!
Maria Luisa

Desiree said...

You are beautiful and your daughter is precious. I admire you and the life you have chosen to make for your family and wish only that you are able to continue to live in harmony and light despite this nonsense.

I know you won't let the ugly tarnish your beauty and you just keep on doing what you do! You're amazing!!!

lisa said...

Sending you love and light, you are such an inspiration, I was so lucky to stumble upon your blog, your are true beauty.

dtb said...

I just discovered your blog through the unfortunate and absurd controversy around one of your lovely photos. Keep on spreading your love and art. Instagram can go suck an egg.

Betty Blue said...

I think you´re absolutely right, both of you. Keep going!

Wild Rain said...

Such an inspiration and beautiful message. love to you.

Rebecca said...

I fell in love with your photos on instagram after reading about the AMAZING breastfeeding photo. The beautiful colors and warmth radiates off them, encompassing a feeling of love. I went back to instagram yesterday to share the site with my sister, whom I knew would love the photos as much I as do. I am so bummed that people thought there was anything inappropriate about the account. It was just pure beauty. Good luck and know you have support from strangers in continuing your journey and photographing the earth's beauty!

J.A said...

I am so sad to see your account was removed. This culture that we live in seriously bums me out! I love your photos and returned to them often to take them all in. Lovely colors, beautiful landscapes, happy people, gorgeous babies- what's not to adore? Sending you love, and light and hopeful that you'll soon return to continue to inspire us with snapshots of your beautiful family, friends and lifestyle.

Kate Money said...

Thank you Agustin! Your response to all of these shenanigans was so potently and eloquently put. I hope people at Intsagram and far and wide read your words of wisdom!
Thanks for being the Papa you are! Sending you Love, Kate$ and Pryce ;-)

Olia Hercules said...

Sending positive vibes your way mama. Beautiful words by papa bear too.

Dawn said...

I love your being and your family. I am so sad and sorry that the world is judging you so harshly. But I am so inspired by the grace with which you accept and respond to it. We would all be better to be more like you.

christopher said...

Judging from the photo itself one ought to wonder what the fuss is really all about, if not for nudity (one barely sees anything) or rather society’s reluctance to accept that women’s breasts go beyond sexualized notions and for many women breasts are simply about nurturing. Something it seems many have a hard time wrapping their mind around…

AThousandRays said...

I came upon your Instagram from the recent article and seriously spent hours looking through your inspiring pictures. I did not find them distasteful at all. In fact, I thought they were taken with awareness of the censorship policies of Instagram. Now that I came back to find that it was taken down is saddening. I hope you are soon able to share your family's beauty and culture with the people who understand.

ALS said...
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ALS said...

Great to hear from you, both! I certainly agree with Agustin that the people who are offended by your beautiful photos are those who are not comfortable in their own skin or with the way they live their lives. Keep doing what your doing, I'm so inspired by you & your lifestyle.
Sending you all much love!

Heidi said...

I have been following you on Instagram for many many months now, and I am very sad at the events that have taken place. I am so glad to have found your blog, please continue to share and live your beautiful life. I for one have found peace for some of my demons thru your beauty and I appreciate you and your gifts.

Please don't let the negative get to you, your beauty and love will always win out!

Take care you are truly an amazing and beautiful woman!

Your sister. Mrs_D. Heidi D

Heather W. Torrance said...

Your photos are beautiful. It's such a shame that this turned into a controversy - I hope it's not adding unnecessary stress to your life. It's great that you're living your life true to yourself and your place in this world!

And yes, it's totally true that when the boobies are available, the kids often run to them for a little nip even when they aren't actually hungry. My son does that too when I'm hanging around without my shirt on. Comfort, love, just to be close to mom - these are all good reasons, too. And sometimes it's just a little game: mouth on boob, smile, giggle, turn away, lunge back toward the booby, repeat...

tiry said...

regards from France... Hang on ! ;p

Zaahra said...

Love from Algeria <3 keep going

Mark Walters said...

It's a matter of perception as with as all things. If I am offended by something, that is my interpretation of the reality I'm currently experiencing. Now, someone may choose to question why my perception is so, but that does not negate the realty of my perception. I have as much right to my perception, no matter how much others may oppose it, as do those who do find it either specious or suspect.

Given that reality, my right to determine if something is offensive is absolute as is my right to communicate my perceptalwaysion to whoever I choose. If I choose to do so to "the powers that be", that is my right. What those powers do with my expressed perception is, however, a matter open to communal discussion as my communication of my perception potentially impacts others who do not share my perception.

To call someone's percerption into question is in many ways missing the point. Reality is subjective and there will always be someone who died not agree with my perception. It's what those who have power to enforce a particular version of reality do that matters.

Alana Amram said...


Agent Bones said...

I absolutely love your photos and your blog. Keep doing what you are doing. Keep living the life that you are living! Your words, your photos, and your lives are an inspiration to many!

Thank you for posting that photo of Naia breastfeeding during yoga. It was absolutely inspiring.


WOW!!! Could not believe anyone could possibly be offended by this!!! Sorry to see the sad and useless side of our human animals at their DUMBEST and IGNORANT.
I hope you don't let any of this ignorance shake your faith or cause you to change your course.
I am inspired by you and am trying to see what I can learn to make my family, myself and my planet better and happier!!!


Pandæmonium said...

I respect what you do, and your choice of lifestyle. It's clean, and pure and you are gaining valuable experience and skill and get to live a life that most people only dream of as they slave away in meaningless cubicle farms.


Brian M Dotson said...


Amy M said...

You and your family are so so beautiful. Please don't stop sharing. Such beauty and such love.

imaginaryline said...
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imaginaryline said...

You are an inspiration! I enjoy your comfort in your body, and the community you have created. It's a beautiful way to live.
Thank you! I also really like your response to Instagram.

7ONE8 DESIGN said...


7ONE8 DESIGN said...


Heather Smith said...

I started following your blog and instagram when I saw a post about the response to your breastfeeding photo. I followed because I was intrigued and inspired by your lifestyle and wanted to understand more about it. I think breastfeeding is beautiful and the way we shame women's bodies is just sad.

I cannot believe your photos were considered pornographic. That makes me so sad for women and society as a whole.

Sending you light and love.

Pilgerin said...

Good morning, Amy

I think it is still night on Kauai.
I don´t know the function of I-phones but I question if it is possible to use the blog in the same way as IG. Blogger has not such restrictions.

I miss your nearly daily picture. It was a extra dose of joy, love and beauty.

With best wishes

robkidd said...

Hi Amy, I see in a story you appeared in you were intending to come to NZ. I'm a reporter here and was interested in having a chat with you about the potential move.

Can you email me on


Unknown said...

grow up people. the lady was trying to share something ebeautiful with you through her pics. if you didn't like what you see click to move on to the next page or picture rather than clicking to report offense. It's the same effort either way - one click.

How many of you weren't breastfed by your mom ?

still life angie said...

That is an absolutely amazing photograph. It is breathtaking. It is ironic, I guess, to find you here over this strange controversy. I have a pair of your amazing beaded earrings, and constantly check your Etsy shop. I saw your name on Facebook today, and clicked over to find you are the same Daughter of the Sun. I just want to echo so many voices to say that your light and love radiate through everything you do, and your photographs. I hope you share them here, and elsewhere, and continue to radiate the change we need in this world. Love to you, and undying support to you and your family.

Kundera Thomas said...

Love from France!

I came on your beautiful picture from an article talking about the instagram ban.

I was really surprised by the amount of anger some could have against tour pictures, and especially this one.

I just dont understand.

I would just like to send you my support and love.


Katrina N said...

just enjoy your wonderful life! So much strength and natural beauty in your pic.

Ellen said...

You should try to start posting your pictures in
They have a gallery for artistic nude pictures, it'd fit perfectly your art.

LuAnn Braley said...

I guess some people forgot that Adam and Eve were naked in the Garden of Eden...and were not ashamed. More power to you. *hugs*

Eliza Blissings said...

Aloha! You're SO beautiful! I LOVE your photography and style. It's clear that Spirit has big jobs for you- beyond Instagram! Especially, they are actually helping you get your message out more now... If it wasn't for this, I wouldn't have found your blog. I love it! I do not have children but do spend a lot of time in open communities, most peaceful way of life. Light, Love, Blessings to you! Namaste! Eliza

lilyonthewater said...

Shame on instagram :(

From one breastfeeding women to another, more power to you mama!

Your image has touched so many people, even those who think it is controversial, ultimately the message is clear, a woman's body is an amazing temple of life, love, and nurture.

Your family is an inspiration!


jdmuys said...

I was touched by that photo. So beautiful. You have my support, however that may help.

Love from France

Michele said...

I discovered your site by via Instagram on waldorf education, and am baffled by the controversy the photo stirred. Nursing my babe now and saw The Photo. It's just so sweet, and I had to laugh because my babe would have crawled over to do the same thing! :) So many people really enjoy shouting out dramatic negativity without thinking it through. Reminds me of all the crazy reality shows. Such drama and cruelty! They just love to incite, don't worry, it's not you :).

The Flying Deacon said...

As a conservative Christian let me just say I thought the photo was beautiful. We have so sexualized the human body that even the beautiful act of a baby getting nourished by a loving mother is considered pornographic. Really? Come on!

God created everything including a naked man and a naked woman and placed them in a garden and what did He say about that? He called it good! If God says nudity in a garden is good, who are we to argue with Him?!!

Peace, love, and blessings from this conservative, reformed Christian!

Tracy L. said...

Thank you so much for sharing so much of your beautiful life with me. While I'm so sad to see your instagram go, I will try to continue to be inspired and reconnect with the earth and consequently myself. You should also get a tumblr lol, but really thank you so much!

Fiddlemama said...

It never ceases to amaze me, how some ppl can find fault with God's perfect designs. Well done!!

Brit Horemans said...

Dear Daughter of the Sun,

I came across the picture that seems to have caused so much upheaval with a few persons. I wonder if they also object to paintings of breastfeeding Madonnas :-).
I just thought "Damn, what a beautiful Shirshana !"

I do not think you need to apologise to anyone. Just keep sharing the love and the beautiful pictures !

Brit / Vidya

Rocco said...

How could people get uptight about something so natural. Upright or inverted. Great life style, unfortunately gave it up long ago. Stay close to nature. Stay grounded. (no pun intended)

Linda said...

I have always enjoyed your blog & pictures especially the Yoga breastfeeding one... How something so natural could be considered pornographic is beyond me but not surprising..some people just look to cause trouble..too uptight..This was a wonderful article...
Sending positive thoughts & energy from Maine...

Jody McCarthy said...

I'm proud that you are breaking the norm and showing the world that its beautiful, bonding, and amazing that our babies are so pure that they can come sneak some food from us when they want to and its not gross or sexual, its natural.

Jean Sigourney Li said...
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