Monday, October 8, 2012

✷⤝⤝Endless Summer Celebration⤝⤝✷

Really enjoying these last days of summer here though it seems like Kauai has a never ending summer. The temperature always ranges from about 70-90 throughout the year with of course lots of humidity. Occasionally in the winter months it drops down slightly but honestly, its rare that i put on a hoodie. I guess thats why we travel so much on and off the island~ so that we can experience the change of seasons without really diving into them. We will be heading to Cali for a month or so quite soon to visit family and do some traveling. Looking forward to bundling up a bit with Agustin and our dolphin. Naia is going to learn what its like to wear clothes again!

I have felt quite a push to post lately but every time I check in I am being told to enjoy this down time and soak up the stillness that is surrounding.  My Mama is here visiting so we have been enjoying some island festivals, hulas, pow wows, having lots of beach days and gathering with friends. Naia turned two on the second so we had a sweet little celebration with her favorite friends at the sea. So yes... these last weeks have been mellow in all ways. Guess that's just another thing I love about Kauai. Things never really pick up here... it's only our minds that keep us on the go. Mama K is always available when you are really ready to drop in. We've been hanging tight lately for sure. Just a few photos to share in the beauty of this last cycle. aloha nui loa~
Native Family comes to Kauai

The divine Kapuna dancing for the love and healing of the land
Sacred Hula: definitely not a tourist show! 

Beautiful Ohana gathering in Celebration of Naias Birthday

Rainbow Fruit Fairy Wands

Hi!  I'm two today!

Solstice Offerings

Also, The Beautiful Shiva Rose came and hung out with us on Kauai this summer. Shiva wrote a beautiful little post about our family and life on Kauai.  You can view it here at
Bless Bless! xx


Zauberweltmama said...

So so beautiful pictures!
Kauai seems to be a paradise.
It is good that the island is not overcrowded but I wonder why not more Americans live there.

Wonderful that the way you earn your living allows you to do many travels.

Did you attend the weekend with Jessie Ayani?

I wish you all the best

barefoot mama said...

So many gifts being offered to and from the universe. It's all so beautiful to see. Much love, B

Lizzie said...

You are such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing and being.

Daughter of the Sun said...
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Daughter of the Sun said...

ALoha Jolanda! I actually didnt end up attending Jessi's workshop after all. My daughter Naia is still pretty attached to Mama so in the end... 3 8 hour days away from mama would be too much for her. Though I was able to spend time with her as she came to my Daughters birthday gathering. She is a beautiful woman with so much to share! A few close sisters did attend the workshop so I will def get a download from them! : )
I used to be so afraid to not have money and just trust that I would be taken care of and when I finally did release this fear, my whole world shifted. We live pretty simply with no bills or attachments so this makes it easy to travel and give ourselves time to enjoy life. Its amazing how much money you save when you dont have monthly bills to pay. I think i will be sharing a post about this soon because its a question that seems to come up quite a bit.
Like Barefoot Mama has stated~ the universe provides when our hearts are open to receive.
** thank you Lizzie! xx

Zauberweltmama said...

Dear Amy,

thank you for answering. In my sentence about your travels I thought originally that is good that your job is not bound a certain place (sorry my English is not the best)....but I am really really interested how you manage it to live without bills and attachment.
We too live simple but there are always bills, often insurances that are duty in our country like health insurance for example.

Wonderful that you come together with Jessie Ayani. I often in the evening sit in a chair with dictionary by my side and read one of her books.

Many greetings

Tori Ishikawa said...

It gets to 100F on Kauai, really? I don't think it's ever topped up to that high here on Oahu. Ouch, that's hot.

Sounds and looks like a lovely time. Out of curiosity, do you know who the Hula Dancer (or Dancers) / Halau / Their Kumu is? :)

Mm. If only I could spend more then one day in Kauai tomorrow.

Daughter of the Sun said...

ALoha Tori! The Halau is Hālau Palaihiwa
O Kaipuwai, under the direction of Kumu
Hula, Kēhaulani Kekua. and you are right... it doesn't hit 100 here, i think it just feels like it with the humidity sometimes! I looked into it and the hottest is the 90's. Thank you for pointing that out! Much aloha~ amy