Tuesday, September 11, 2012

※∘∘∘⊹∘∘∘The Garden of Aloha∘∘∘⊹∘∘∘※

Goats for milk, chickens for eggs and kitties to cuddle

Beginning phases of a Earthen sweat

Solar and wind powered energy= completely free from the system
Beehive Dome

Being raised on and from the fertile red Earth

Awaiting the arrival of baby Stellar

We first  met Jackson and Melissa several years back when we teamed up with them to start a permaculture exploration on a piece of land here on Kauai known as Zero One.  Together we created a community of a dozen or so people who were all working on simplifying their lives and healing their bodies.  This meant lots of yoga, raw food and creative communal projects on the land.  It was such a sacred time for us all and we were truly deepening our beings with every moment.  The rug was quickly swept out from under our feet of bliss when the land owner came in and decided he had another vision in mind.  This is a common occurrence when you yourself are not legally tied to the land you are living on.  It was of course a blessing for us all as four of us moved to another amazing desert community in Baja Mexico, some left the island to travel and some stayed on the island to do it all over again.  Except for this time...  the land is being sold to them!

Jackson and Melissa Nash are some of the islands finest folk! Jackson was raised here on Kauai and Melissa arrived when she decided she had had enough of the every day 9-5.  They first arrived on this 5 acre plot of soil and wild bush just eight months ago.  Since then, they along with a handful of other folks have planted over six giant food gardens, converted their bus into a home and are now completely off the grid AND they are doing it all in Paradise!  Though they left their 9-5 jobs, they traded them in for a 24-7 labor of love.  It's not easy starting from scratch but with dedication and a new baby on the way, for them,  it's worth every moment!  Jack and Melissa will welcome their first child Stellar in just under two weeks.  Melissa will have a home birth and will soon be raising this beautiful keiki in tune with the Mama's magic!  Looks like Jackson's Papa really knew what he was talking about when he wrote the lyrics to the CSNY hit song "Teach your children well."
Check out Jackson's amazing website Super Forest!
9/14 UPDATE:  Melissa and Jackson welcomed Baby Stellar Nash today!  A beautiful, smooth and surreal natural water birth.  Our family was there to share in the gorgeous celebration of life!  What an amazing morning!  WOW.


Zauberweltmama said...

Thank you very much for sharing!
So wonderful that they are able to live a life of love.
Do you and your family live in a bus too?

Warm greetings

A propos I have ordered all books from Jessie Ayani and I read in the web that she will come to your island this fall! :))

domrebenok said...

Dear Amy! Great story! Would we translate it for our magazine Ecohome and ask some extra question to this wonderful couple? Do you have all photos in high resolution?

Katya from Russia

Arlie said...

this is incredible! i love how colorful their space is and all within 8 months? beautiful

kaptenslughatt said...

Ooooh, everything looks absolutely amazing and wonderful and idyllic!
Leaves you with calm and joy :)

gail said...

Really lovely and inspiring! Especially now, we could all use more uplifting stories like this one. Thank you for sharing.

Natasha said...

This is heaven on Earth! I cannot even describe the magic I feel from posts/ stories like these. This is my dream, I cannot imagine a more pure, gorgeous, honorable way to live. It's so beautiful and I am so thankful you shared it!

Dara Muscat said...

Divine family!
P.S.: Today in Russia came three great teacher of hula from Hawaii. A part of the divine place. So happy day!

Audrey Nicholson said...

Heart swoon in every way and reflecting all my family's dreams...So is this Graham Nash's son?! Love how you leave all that last~
Blessings and light on the birth mama and papa!

April Rose said...

So inspiring♥♥ thanks for sharing

Heather said...

A beautiful life, beautiful friends ;) Great photos!

Daughter of the Sun said...

Zauberweltmama: We don't live on a bus but as soon as our travel bug decreases there is an empty bus on the land we just might hop onto! : ) Enjoy the Books! They are amazing!
Katya: email me! daughterofthesunaw@yahoo.com Would make a great story!
Thank you Arlie, kaptenslughatt, Gail, and Natasha, Its truly a dream to be witness this beautiful family in creation!
Dara: what divine synchronicity! Bringing the aloha to Russia!
Audrey: Blessings to you sista! Correct, Jackson is the beautiful son of Graham!
Aloha and thank all for your comments and love!

Nathalie Crottaz said...

Thank you for sharing... It give us ( me and my love )good spirit and infailing courage for realise our dream to have a better life a true life. Beautiful photos, they are a beautiful both! ( I'm sorry for my username, i don't know how to sign with ...)

Natasha said...

This was especially moving, I had to add, because I adore the song "Teach Your Children" and every time I hear it, it resonates with me because I've always loved it, and now as a mother, my children are my greatest teachers. Seems like Jackson was taught very well, thank you again for sharing this beautiful family!

Angela May said...

What a beautiful creation....I adore the lifestyle :-)

Nic said...

I love hearing about peaceful, joyous birthings! May all beings one day have this kind of birth... Thankyou for sharing this beautiful story x

YogiGenny said...

I would love to hear more about the desert community in Baja Mexico. I want to go to there!